"Dr. Christie is awesome! I have been seeing Dr. Christie for 12 years. Thanks to his care I can still run, bike, ski, take ballet class, and teach Pilates!"
–Michelle, age 50.

"I absolutely love Dr. Christie! He helped keep my back aligned and pain-free throughout my pregnancy, even when I was in a car accident at 20 weeks. I highly recommend him to anyone!"

"Christie Family Chiropractic has a friendly atmosphere with efficient, flexible, and welcoming Doc who is thorough and knowledgeable. He is sensitive to my needs- jaw, knees, hips, and sinuses. Just a wonderful and happy office."

"Dr. Christie cracks me up! My knee needed surgery and I decided to try knee therapy and “stim” first. After one treatment, my pain subsided. I now plan to go once a week, then once a month."

"Dr. Christie and his staff have gone out of their way to ease my fibromyalgia pain. They are very professional, accommodating, and friendly."

"Dr. Eric is awesome, always friendly, smiling, and fixes the pain. LOVE IT! He does an awesome job."

"The people are great and very helpful."

"Dr. Christie and his staff are GREAT!! It is a wonderful place to come to for chiropractic services for the family!"

"My back and neck hurt so bad I was unable to do anything, just sit on a heating pad. This went on for almost 2 years. After 2 visits I felt significantly better and after 6 visits and a massage, I was back to my old self."

"This was a great experience! Two years of physical therapy didn't help my pain but Dr. Christie made the pain go away!"
–Wellness.com Review

"Highly recommended due to the knowledge of the physician, the comfort of adjustments, the ease of obtaining and keeping appointments, and the friendliness of the entire staff."

"They were so skilled and knowledgeable, and even customized their adjustments to meet my specific condition. They were so kind and attentive to me. I didn't have to worry about them arguing with me, or contradicting what I had to say, which has been a problem for me at other places. I love how much attention to detail they show. They are always so careful and meticulous. I never have to worry about them making a mistake or forgetting something."

"They put in the extra effort to make me feel valued and important. The office was very easy to locate. I didn't have any trouble finding it at all. I really admire them for being more than willing to ask for help from other professionals in the field when they don't have an answer to my question. They aren't even slightly arrogant, and I'm confident they always have my best interest at heart. Whatever cologne they were wearing was one of the best I've ever smelled. It made my experience that much more enjoyable. I've been to one or two places that had a really bad smell. I was worried I would encounter it here too but I didn't notice anything."
–Wellness.com Review
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