Treating Nerve Disorders & Chronic Back Pain

Find out how Christie Family Chiropractic in Erie, Pennsylvania, can relieve your symptoms and get you on the path to living a pain-free life. From massage therapy to advanced impulse adjustment, we offer a range of modalities. Also, our chiropractor guides you to achieve a healthier lifestyle with wellness and nutrition advice.


Dr. Eric N. Christie, DC is adept in administering the most innovative chiropractic services currently available. He routinely utilizes an advanced impulse adjuster to elicit the most accurate adjustments within his valued patients. Using state-of-the-art gentle activator methods, our chiropractor is compassionate and is able to manipulate you very gently. Other modalities available include:
• Spinal Adjustments
• Trigger Point Therapy
• Massage Therapy
• Custom Orthotics

Nutrition & Lifestyle

The role of a health professional has often been to help you recover from illness or disease. However, now more than ever, we must first guide you in staying well. Over the years, we have discovered that many patients ask about symptoms due to chronic stress, excess weight, poor dietary habits, and sleep deprivation. We invite you to learn how the new science of nutrition and genetics via Nutra Metrix™, which can help you achieve a new state of physical and mental well-being.
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