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Treating Pain
Put an end to your suffering with treatment for back pain and other conditions at Christie Family Chiropractic. We provide a variety of chiropractic modalities to ease your ailments.
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Chiropractic & Nutrition
Discover how chiropractic, massage therapy, and other modalities can lead to better health outcomes. We also offer wellness and nutrition advice through Nutra Metrix™.
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Discover why so many patients have chosen Christie Family Chiropractic to relieve chronic pain by reading these testimonials about our chiropractic treatment.

Raising Healthy Families in our Community

Welcome to Christie Family Chiropractic located in Erie, PA. Our goal is to provide gentle and effective chiropractic care to alleviate symptoms and improve overall health. Many of our patients first come to our office because they have headaches, back or neck pain, but they stay as patients because their health and lives improve.

Dr. Eric Christie has a passion for people and families. His focus is on raising healthy families in our community. Chiropractic is a family affair. In our office we believe that every man, woman, and child deserves to be healthy from birth until their last breath. That is why we strongly recommend that family members be screened for vertebral subluxations.

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to meeting with you in person as you start your journey to a healthy lifestyle. Contact our office at (814) 838-3830.

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